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Stagecoach Haddonfield's Early Stages teacher choreographs Haddonfields history.
StageCoach students chosen to perform in West Side Story in London
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Stagecoach Haddonfield Teacher stars in The Moment
StageCoach North Wales films a music video!
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To huge audience acclaim students from Stagecoach schools throughout the UK, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Malta and the USA joined together for a dazzling production of the classic American musical 'West Side Story' at the Leatherhead Theatre in Surrey.
Kristin Freya, StageCoach St. Louis Park's dance instructor, took audiences on a dream-like journey at this year's Minnesota Fringe Festival which ran from July 31st to August 10th.

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StageCoach teaches young people how to sing, dance and act, not only to perform on stage and beyond, but most importantly to perform better in life.

Originating in the UK, StageCoach has seen kids gain confidence and stretch themselves for almost 25 years. Children build essential life skills, while learning the tools to sing, dance and act and most importantly have fun!

Suitable for ALL abilities, StageCoach offers the chance for kids to pursue a career in the arts or simply just to learn some new skills to share with family and friends.

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Quality Training in a Safe Environment

If you're looking for dance classes for your child why not consider StageCoach, as an addition to dance classes our students also take singing classes and drama classes. As a performing arts school for children we believe that singing lessons and acting lessons complement dancing classes to enable our students to become proficient all round performers.

Unlike most dancing schools StageCoach puts equal emphasis on drama classes and singing classes. In the dance class kids learn a wide range of styles from jazz, hip hop and street dance to modern stage and contemporary. Our dance classes do not include ballet or tap.

StageCoach drama classes offer a wide variety of subjects including improvisation, mime, characterization, voice projection etc. Drama schools will look for this variety of expertise in students auditioning for professional training.

In addition to dance lessons, drama lessons and singing classes, StageCoach students also have the opportunity to take exams in musical theatre. Preparation for these will typically take place as part of the classes. In addition some StageCoach Schools run a more advanced dance class (often called a Dance Troupe) for the older students.

People often wonder how StageCoach manage quality control. This is taken care of by an independent company who train inspectors to assess the drama classes, dancing lessons and singing lessons. Each StageCoach school is inspected yearly by an Inspector who will typically spend time watching each of the classes. StageCoach believes that parents appreciate these spot checks, which we believe are unique to the StageCoach organization. In addition to this all of our Principals and teachers are criminal background checked and follow a strict Child Protection Policy specifically developed for StageCoach Schools.

Early Stages classes caters to children aged 4 - 6. This offers shorter kids dance classes and is very popular. Children love to feel they attend a dance school or drama school and they thoroughly enjoy taking part in performing arts for children.

So whether your child wants kid's dance classes or drama lessons you would be wise to consider StageCoach where you can be sure your child is getting a full education in performing arts for children. Unlike TV shows such as American Idol or XFactor, StageCoach does not pander to youthful fantasies of stardom, although past students have gone on to have professional careers in show business, including Jamie Bell, who played the title role in the film Billy Elliott, and Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.